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At JCW Acoustic Supplies we aim to exceed expectations in everything we do. Our range of high quality acoustic insulation and acoustic absorption products is the widest available in the UK, making us the leading “one-stop-shop” for acoustic solutions. We are committed to excellence and innovation; this commitment is reflected in everything we do.

All our product categories are listed below:

Wall Soundproofing>

Wall Soundproofing

Our solutions for soundproofing walls aim to transform poor acoustic performance in walls by insulating against and absorbing noise.

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Floor Soundproofing>

Floor Soundproofing

Soundproofing timber or concrete floors is easy using the UK’s most comprehensive floor soundproofing product range which provides an acoustic solution for any project.

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Ceiling Soundproofing>

Ceiling Soundproofing

JCW Acoustic Supplies offer a wide range of soundproofing and sound absorbing products for ceiling applications.

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Soundproof Doors>

Soundproof Doors

Our range of high performance bespoke timber acoustic doors, offer sound reductions of up to 44dB and are the perfect solution to domestic, commercial and workplace noise problems.

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Sound Absorption>

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption products are a separate but essential part of the mix when designing effective acoustic solutions to control noise.

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Sound Barriers – Fences & Gates>

Sound Barriers – Fences & Gates

A range of acoustic fencing, sound barriers and gates combining high performance and economy. Manufactured to the most demanding standards and ideal for residential, commercial, industrial, railway and highway applications

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UK Installation Service>

UK Installation Service

Our installation service is available nationwide. Our own staff and not subcontractors, these skilled professionals are familiar with acoustic materials and how to correctly install them, saving time and disruption on-site.

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Office Soundproofing>

Office Soundproofing

Choose from our Soundproofing and Sound Absorption Solutions

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JCW Acoustic Supplies Qatar is the dedicated international division of the JCW Group.>

JCW Acoustic Supplies Qatar is the dedicated international division of the JCW Group.

Since its formation in 2004, JCW Acoustic Supplies has grown to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of soundproofing and sound absorption products.

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