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Sound Stop Ceiling Pads

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    NoiseStopper Ceiling Pads


    NoiseStopper Ceiling Pads incorporate two layers of non-flammable, sound absorbing acoustic mineral wool, with a mineral loaded sound barrier mat core that is encapsulated within an aluminised, non-flammable Class O foil.


    • Easy application into any suspended ceiling system
    • Available in 2 sizes, 600mm x 600mm or 1200mm x 600mm
    • Thickness: nominal 60mm
    • Weight per pad: 600mm x 600mm: 1.9 kg or 1200mm x 600mm: 3.8 kg
    • Colour: Silver
    • Operating temperature: -30 deg C to + 65 deg C. Thermally stable up to 93 deg C
    • Acoustic performance: Mean average expected 14 dB

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