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In today’s increasingly noisy world, the need for good acoustic performances from the buildings in which we live and work has never been greater. Noise and poor room acoustics can have a significant effect on us, but often in ways which we’re unaware of. They can affect our ability to concentrate, they can tire us and they can even make us irritable, yet noise and room acoustic are something that

Unwanted noise at home or at work can be a distracting and often frustrating nuisance. Here are a few simple steps you can take to dramatically reduce the amount of unwanted noise in your home or work environment: 1. Under the corners of large home appliances, place thick rubber or cork pads to stop excess movement and vibration noise. 2. Place your stereo speakers on stands and off floors otherwise

The UK’s leading acoustic insulation solutions provider has expanded its extensive range of acoustic insulation products and solutions with the introduction of a new acoustic wall insulation board. JCW Silent Board has been added to the JC Wilkins’ range and offers a proven way to dramatically reduce sound transmission through wall structures. Silent Board Wall Soundproofing JCW Silent Board can be applied quickly and easily to lightweight wall structures or

JC Wilkins has supplied wall and ceiling insulation and acoustic doors for a United Utilities water pumping station. JC Wilkins provided JCW Silent Boards and JCW Acoustic Steel Doors to prevent noise generated by the pumping operations from disturbing nearby residents in Blackburn. Silent Board Acoustic Insulation Product The JCW Silent Board reduces sound transmission through walls and ceilings. It is suitable for use on solid, lightweight or existing plasterboard

The UK’s leading acoustic insulation solutions provider has given specifiers the ability to cut both installation time and costs with the introduction of JCW Acoustic Deck 37 – one of the thinnest yet best performing insulation boards on the market. Suitable for laying direct onto the joists without the need to install a new floor first, Acoustic Deck 37 provides outstanding and proven noise reduction. At just 37 mm thick