The BuzziSpace BuzziGrid is a felt covered Sound Absorber

The BuzziGrid is a sound buffer that limits the echo in a room. It takes its formal inspiration from the structures that have been widely used in the 60’s and 70’s to partially hide ceilings in public spaces.

In this case the grid has been turned into a functional sound absorbing product that can be used in meeting rooms, in lobbies, or in public spaces in order to define specific areas.

It has been designed in order to be easily assembled in order to create a Grid out of individual elements that can be shipped as flat-pack. Since these elements are open structures, they will let the existing ventilation and light sources pass through.

The Buzzigrids are made out of recycled BuzziFelt (upcycled P.E.T.) so they are as eco-friendly as possible. It will be used to create lively interiors, define zones and of course dampen the noise level in a room.

This system is designed to significantly reduce the amount of airborne noise which can be heard from above through floors which have poor acoustic insulation.

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