Silent shape. Custom cut shapes.

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SilentShape – Decorative Acoustic Tiles

An attractive and decorative room feature manufactured to improve room sound quality.

These acoustic tiles are designed to be attractive and functional. Each acoustic tile is 300 x 300 @ 25mm thick. Each individual piece slots perfectly into the next piece to create a magnificent mosaic on the wall.

Our acoustic tiles can be manufactured in any shape or colour bespoke to your design requirements.

Our Acoustic tiles are ideal for use in areas where a stylish design is needed, such as reception areas, meeting rooms and offices. They create a fantastic impression of your company. Creating a calm, quiet atmosphere in your area you are allowing customers and visitors to feel welcome, positive and satisfied. Acoustic treatment will help you make a great first impression.


* Highly effective lightweight sound absorption Easy to install
* Light weight
* Made from recycled glass
* Class 0 fire
* Cost effective

Common Acoustic Tiles Applications: 

• Conference and Board rooms
• Reception and Waiting Areas
• Bars and Nightclubs
• Educational areas
• Retail environments

Various colours of acoustic tiles are available

Various colours of acoustic tiles are available

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