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Pub & Nightclub Soundproofing Products

The noise of urban life can provide both excitement and exhilaration or an unwanted intrusion which adversely impacts on quality of life.

JCW Acoustic Supplies acoustic soundproofing products can help owners mitigate noise intrusion into the environment or adjacent dwellings in leisure and entertainment venues like these and many more;

  • Amusement arcades
  • Restaurants
  • Public houses (Pubs)
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • Cinemas and Theatres
  • Ice rinks and Swimming pools
  • Leisure centres and complexes
  • Health and Fitness clubs
  • Hot food take-aways

Noise management in leisure and entertainment outlets is a duty under the Noise Abatement Act of 1960

( and more lately Section 5 of the Noise Act 1996 ( and Permitted Level of Noise (England) Directions of 2008 ( The Noise Policy Statement for England of March 2010 ( adds further emphasis to the need to avoid and mitigate adverse impacts on health and quality of life from environmental, neighbour and neighbourhood noise.

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JCW Silentboard


A simple but incredibly effective acoustic overlay wall system to drastically reduce sound transmission.

JCW Acoustic Quilt

Acoustic Quilt

A premium acoustic partition roll which can be laid over ceilings or under floors.

JCW Impactalay


Impactalay Plus 15mm thick acoustic matting for timber floors offers a cost effective and easily installed solution to combat airborne and impact noise.