Industrial Soundproofing and acoustic insulation For The Trade, Contractors and Developers

Building  and Property Contractors

JCW Acoustic Supplies offers Building Contractors and Property Developers the most comprehensive “one-stop-shop” of acoustic products available in the UK.

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Soundproofing in School and Education Environments


Good acoustic performance in educational environments is essential. Noise reverberation can reduce the teachers ability to keep student attention.

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Recording Studio and Home Cinema Soundproofing

Recording Studio’s and Home entertainment

JCW Acoustic Supplies offer a wide range of soundproofing and sound absorbing products for ceiling applications.

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Soundproofing for pubs, bars and nightclubs

Leisure and Entertainment Environments

Leisure facilities are known to generate high levels of noise. There are many leisure facilities that can be located in well populated areas. We can help soundproof these facilities.

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Soundproofing for the industrial sector


Noise pollution caused in the industrial environment is a serious problem which can cause reduced performance by employees, distraction and serious health issues.

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Acoustic Solutions For Public Buildings

 Public Buildings 

Acoustic insulation and soundproofing in every type of public building. Our products allow contractors to meet Part E building regulations. Whatever your noise problem, there’s an acoustic solution available

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House and Homeowner Soundproofing

Soundproofing at Home

When noise is a problem in your home, whether from noisy neighbours or another source it can become a constant source of stress and unhappiness. We can help by soundproofing your home.

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Office and Business Sound Solutions

Office Soundproofing

JCW is the  one-stop-shop for all your office soundproofing and sound absorption needs, whether the office is a new build or you want to retro-fit. Our products can offer you confidentiality and style.

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Soundproofing for hospitals and medical facilities


Noise is often a very big problem within the Healthcare sector. Many hospitals and doctors surgeries have large areas of hard surfaces which reflect sound waves and increase ambient noise.

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Raod and railway traffic noice soundproofing solutions

Traffic and Railway soundproofing

Our high performance acoustic fencing, gates and sound barrier products provide effective control of sound and noise pollution caused by railway lines or busy roads

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Leisure and Entertainment Soundproofing

Health and Fitness

Due to the increased popularity of gyms and leisure centres, noise is becoming a growing problem in the Health and Fitness industry. JCW have the soundproofing and sound absorption products that will help.

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community and church soundproofing

Places of Worship and Community Halls

Community halls and places of Worship are often large, open areas with hard, acoustically reflective surfaces on the walls floors and ceilings causing echo and reverberation.

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