Sound Absorption

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels are designed to absorb a large amount of reflected noise and reverberation, this will massively improve the quality of sound in your room. Each acoustic panel is manufactured to your specification and will be made bespoke to whatever design you have in mind.

Acoustic panels or Sound absorbers are often used in areas where sound quality is compromised by echo such as schools, restaurants, gyms, hospitals and church halls. Acoustic panels don’t make the noise leave a room, but dramatically reduce the amount of noise experienced by reducing the reverberation (echo) travelling in the space, making it a much more comfortable environment.

JCW Acoustic Supplies a broad range of acoustic panels, sound absorption and soundproofing products for your project, whatever the size.

CE mark and Declaration of Performance (DoP) information is available to view/download where appropriate.

Sound Absorbing Panel

JCW Reflecta Sound

These decorative acoustic panels are our most popular absorbent panel, designed using any high quality image these can fit seamlessly in with any room decoration


Gym Panel

Gym Panel

The impact resistant Gym Panel is an acoustic ceiling and wall panel made from moisture resistant, high density mineral wool. The front face features a decorative glass cloth fabric & a non-woven glass tissue is used on the reverse side.

Image Of Techmel Foam

Techmel Foam

Decorative direct bond or hanging absorbers in a range of fabric or plain finishes with both thermal and acoustic insulation.


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