Acoustic Supplies

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Meet The Team

Laura Keegan, Commercial Director

Laura, joined the JCW team in 2007 and worked within the sales team for 6 years.  Moving on 16 years Laura now runs the business, including co-ordinating the sales team and a production team, which over the last 10 years has steadily grown to its present strength of twenty full time employees.  Following her promotion to Commercial Director in 2013, Laura decided to go back to college and completed a Level 5 qualification in HR and is now able to contribute those additional skills for the benefit of the business ensuring that JCW Acoustic Supplies is an even better place to work.

Paul Greenhalgh, Operations Manager

Paul joined the team at JCW in 2017 and quickly took over the reins of the production and warehousing team. Working closely with the Commercial Director, Paul makes sure that JCW produces good quality products with efficient lead times whilst keeping a keen eye on buying prices. Dealing with companies from other countries as well as the UK can bring its challenges, as well as arranging deliveries to our valued customers; however, with Paul’s ‘can do’ approach, everyone’s needs are met.

Craig Hoyland, Area Sales Manager

Craig joined the JCW team in 2017 and works very hard in keeping all our customers up to date with the latest information on JCW soundproofing products and delivering all our latest promotional merchandise to make sure everyone has something to remember JCW by on their desks and counters. Mainly covering the midlands area, Craig visits contractors on site and delivers right back to our merchants with new details for everyone to get on board and win the orders, giving everyone the benefit of Craig’s relentless mission to give the best service to everyone and anyone he can find who needs JCW.

Kath Forrest, Sales Executive

Kath Forrest joined JCW in 2014 and well, I think all of our customers will agree that she is our golden girl when it comes to making sure they have everything they need by the time they have put the phone down! Kath excels in her role of looking after our Builders Merchants, and the feedback we receive quite frankly makes everyone else question what we do at JCW. Keeping everyone in check and giving 100% to her customers is Kath’s priority, and well, anything less is not allowed!

Natalie Keegan, Office Administrator

Natalie joined JCW in 2016 and is basically the treasure that none of the team would want to be without. Natalie is the first person our customers usually speak to when she picks up the phone with her lovely Bolton tones and truly does work her socks off to make sure the team is looked after with what they need when it comes to admin. Natalie may be the youngest in our team, but that does not stop her from keeping her colleagues in check, and well, they wouldn’t be as good without her.

Scot Madden, Acoustic Specialist

Scot joined JCW in 2013 and was taken under the wings of the team to teach him everything we knew about acoustics. After throwing him in at the deep end of dealing with our domestic customers, Scot has well and truly earned his stripes and can turn his acoustics patter to all types of customers from builders, merchants, contractors and domestic users. Scot doesn’t have just one string to his bow but is also our Underfloor Heating Specialist and now runs this division too, providing first-class service to his customers, fulfilling all their requirements and providing quick turnarounds on shipments means Scot really is a big asset to our team with hopefully a long future working at JCW.

Adrian Bird, Area Sales Manager

Adrian joined JCW in 2016 and was certainly initiated with a big welcome by being asked to go on a scavenger hunt around Bolton with his new colleagues on week 1! Let’s just say that was a start of things to come for Adrian’s journey with the team and 7 years on, he continues to make a big impact with us and his customers, as we did on him all them years ago and being our loveable scouser of the team who now lives in Wales he’s certainly connecting JCW into lots of different places. Adrian will go to the ends of Liverpool and Wales to get his customers what they want, and you will never need to ring anyone else for advice on your soundproofing needs because if he cant give you the answers you need, he will go over and above to get them for you.

Andy Critchley, Technical Manager

Andy joined JCW in 2007 and really is the font of all knowledge when it comes to soundproofing, with 16 years of retained information and the paperwork hoarded to suit, he’s our go-to guy. Andy deals with contractors and architects on the floor soundproofing but is also our Acoustic Fence Specialist and can talk anyone off the fence and into our JCW order books with the advice he can offer to contractors or even our domestic users that may be struggling with noise from their surroundings. Andy runs a tight ship when it comes to the fence installation team, and there is literally no stone unturned or potential problem visited before an agreement is made on the go-ahead of a fence, with help being added along the way too. With all this to offer, he is now part of the protected species of JCW.

Simon Masson, Specification Development Manager

Simon joined JCW in 2006 in the sales team and helped the company to get off to a flying start, but in 2009 left us for a while to concentrate on a new venture, after a stint away from the business Simon came back into the fold in 2014 and is now our man in the know for all your specification and technical questions. With his wealth of knowledge and experience in his field, he really can tell a story or two that will make any architect or acoustic consultant wince with horror at some of the stunts that have been pulled by people to just get by building regs, well, not on Simon’s watch! Simon runs our CPD seminars and really gets into the ins and outs of what’s needed to not just meet but exceed building regulations and, with a no punches pulled approach, will have everyone from Architects to sub-contractors understanding his keen eye for detail.

Richard Buxton, Area Sales Manager

Richard joined the JCW team in 2016, and 7 years in, he is still able to find people who haven’t fallen under his spell to stock JCW soundproofing products! Richard covers from Lincoln down to London and works tirelessly to make sure his area has JCW running right through the heart of it. If you haven’t met Richard and you need acoustics, watch this space; he will seek you out eventually!

Maxine Whalley, Warehouse Administrator

Maxine joined JCW in 2018, and this lady is the one to leave our lasting JCW impression on our much-loved customers, day to day, Maxine makes sure that all our orders are booked, packed and ready to go, with a phone call to each of them double checking delivery can be taken. Goods in or goods out, Maxine has her eye on it all and helps to keep the production team on their toes.