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Acoustic Insulation Solutions

Acoustic insulation absorbs noise between floors or rooms.  Most soundproofing insulation products are installed ‘behind the scenes’ and sit behind plasterboard, or under the floorboards.

Soundproofing Insulation products work by adding ‘thick’ material inbetween cavities.  This mass then prevents noise passing through.  Different types of materials used in the insulation will help to absorb different types of noise.

Why Use Acoustic Insulation?

Acoustic insulation acts as a sound barrier between floors or walls. This type of soundproofing is very effective at preventing noise from travelling up or down stairs, or from noisy neighbours.

Acoustic insulation is a preferred soundproofing product for people who live in apartment blocks or flats, but can also be very effective in garages and lofts when being converted into another space (loft conversion, band practice, home cinema etc).

Acoustic insulation will not make a space completly soundproof, but will dampen the noise that can travel through and ideally will be used in conjunction with other acoutic products to create a quiet space to relax and enjoy.

Our insulation products are perfect for Wall Soundproofing, Ceiling Soundproofing and Floor Soundproofing.  Many office spaces aslo use acoustic insulation to reduce noise transmission between pods and help the workforce to concentre easier and become more producitve.

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    Acoustic Insulation & Suppliers

    Acoustic supplies manufacture and supply high quality acoustic insulation products that will meet your requirements.  All out products are tested to the highest specifications and are perfect for your home or industrial projects.

    Please reach out to our friendly team of acoustic experts if you have any questions or queries about any of our services.

    Acoustic Supplies brochure

    Acoustic Supplies Brochure

    Confused by the amount of soundproofing products that are out there? Download a copy of the JCW Acosutic Supplies brochure and browse at your leisure to find the right product that meets your requirements. Just click on the image of the brochure to download your copy.

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    Acoustic Insulation Products

    Take a look at some of the acoustic insulation products we have available at our warehouse facility in Bolton.

    JCW Acoustic Quilt

    Acoustic Quilt for Independent Wall

    A premium acoustic partition roll fitting between the studs in metal or timber wall partitioning systems or between the joists of a timber floor.

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    JCW Absorba Ceiling Tile

    Sound Absorber Ceiling Tile

    A high specification acoustic panel. Pre-finished, direct bond, flame retardant ceiling and wall panel.

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    JCW Acoustic Ceiling Pads

    JCW Acoustic Ceiling Pads

    Acoustic insulation for suspended ceilings, reducing “room to room” sound transfer

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    JCW Silentboard

    JCW Silent Board

    A simple but incredibly effective acoustic overlay wall system to drastically reduce sound transmission.

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