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Acoustic Insulation & Soundproofing Solutions

JCW Acoustic Supplies is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of soundproofing and sound absorption products – your ‘one stop shop’ for sound solutions.

Whether you’re wanting to eliminate the unwanted noise from next door or you’re in the trade and planning your next commercial project, we at JCW know that you may have lots of questions to ask and decisions to make when it comes to soundproofing, so why not speak to one of the team who can offer their expert advice.

We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and the quality of our technical service and with years of experience the JCW team know how to deal with any situation they encounter.

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Latest Soundproofing News

JCW Planet Promise

OUR COMMITMENT TO A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR ALL JCW supports the Governments ambitious target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Becoming a net zero emissions energy business means that we are reducing emissions from our operations and from the fuel and other energy products we sell to our customers.   Current steps taken are: New LED lighting being installed in all offices, warehouse and production areas Sensored lighting Hybrid [...]

Reducing Carbon Footprints

JCW Acoustic Supplies - Dedicated to Reducing Their Carbon Footprint We are an ethical, environmentally aware company with a history and dedication to reduce our carbon footprint and become as environmentally conscious as possible. There is always more that can be done when it comes to 'green' initiatives and whilst we are aware that the process is ever-evolving, we are also proud of our own initiatives to be as environmentally [...]

Wood Shortages Within Acoustics

Timber and Material Shortages Within Acoustics Over the past few months, timber and other softwoods have been in short circulation. Unfortunately, this can impact many different industries, including acoustic panel suppliers. As timber is an essential material used in the construction of houses, insulation, and floorboards, it can be hard finding another alternative! Softwoods are cut from trees, some of the most popular being pine, cedar, spruce, larch, and fir. [...]

RIBA CPD Seminar Providers

This new RIBA CPD seminar explains how to ensure separating floors conform to relevant regulations. This includes an insight into sound and how it effects buildings. We explain the different solutions available for particular construction types and how these are installed, Also how to cope with listed buildings and the potential issues if the correct solutions are not incorporated correctly. Contact us here

CPD Providers Network

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