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Top 10 Acoustic Products for a Quieter Home or Office

Creating a quiet environment in your home or office doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether you’re battling street noise, noisy neighbours, or simply seeking to enhance the acoustic quality of your space, the right products can make all the difference. Here’s a curated list of the top 10 acoustic products from JCW Acoustic Supplies that deliver a quieter and more peaceful home or office environment

1. JCW Reflecta Panels

Ideal for: Enhancing sound quality in studios, entertainment rooms and offices. These panels work by absorbing unwanted echoes and reverberations. Making for a much more comfortable environment.

2. JCW Acoustic Barrier Mat

Ideal for: Providing heavyweight soundproofing for walls, ceilings, and floors, perfect for blocking noise from external sources. Suitable for use as a noise curtain or in combination with other soundproofing materials. This Barrier Mat combats low-frequency airborne noise

Acoustic Weight Enhanced Barrier Mat
Impacta 4551 Mat

3. JCW Impacta 4551

Ideal for: Reducing impact noise such as footsteps, making it perfect for multi-storey buildings or offices. Suitable for all floor finishes including ceramic tiles, vinyl, wood and laminates, carpet and marmoleum.

4. JCW Acoustic Decks

Ideal for: Soundproofing floors. They reduce impact and airborne noise in a variety of settings. They reduce airborne and / or impact noise in a variety of scenarios.


Acoustic Decks 28 & 32 for trade, developers and contractors for Concrete Floors

5. JCW Acoustic Battens

Ideal for: Improving the acoustic insulation of floors, especially suitable for settings where impact and airborne noise reduction is critical. They’re ideal for both new construction and refurbishment projects, providing an effective solution for achieving enhanced soundproofing performance in residential, commercial, and educational environments. 

6. JCW Acoustic Sealant

Ideal for: Sealing gaps and ensuring airtight soundproofing in conjunction with other acoustic products for a complete solution. 

7. JCW Acoustic Quilt

Ideal for: Provides excellent soundproofing that is perfect for use in ceilings and stud walls. The sound barrier properties of the acoustic membrane are complemented and enhanced by the absorption qualities of the mineral wool.

8. JCW Impactalay Range

Ideal for: Combatting airborne and impact noise. Our impactalay range features various products, each with specific qualities and suitabilities. Our Impactalay10 is the ideal solution for sound insulating floors in domestic situations.

Impactalay Acoustic Underlay
Acoustic Supplies noiseblocker

9. JCW Noiseblocker

Ideal for: Applications requiring effective sound isolation and noise control, Ideal for applications such as offices where privacy is an issue where suspended ceilings are installed.

10. JCW Acoustic Doors

Ideal for: Enhanced sound insulation in various environments, including commercial, educational, and residential spaces. They are ideal for areas where reducing sound transmission is crucial, such as recording studios, private offices, meeting rooms, and medical facilities, providing privacy and reducing noise disturbance. 

JCW Silent Door Premier - schools

Making Your Choice

When selecting products for your home or office, consider both the type of noise you’re dealing with (airborne or impact) and the specific areas you need to treat. The effectiveness of your soundproofing project will largely depend on a strategic combination of these top-quality JCW products, tailored to address your unique acoustic challenges.

By integrating these solutions, you can significantly reduce noise pollution and enhance the acoustic environment of your space, making it more conducive to work, relaxation, and leisure. Remember, the key to successful soundproofing lies not just in selecting the right products but also in ensuring they are correctly installed and optimally positioned.

JCW Acoustic Supplies is committed to providing the best in acoustic treatment products, and our range offers versatile solutions for virtually any noise issue you may encounter at home or in the office. With these top picks, you’re well on your way to achieving the peace and quiet you deserve.

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