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Batten 90T Sales Image
  1. 22mm (minimum) t&g flooring board – 600kg/3
  2. 19mm Plasterboard Plank
  3. 15mm OSB Board
  4. E-FT-7, E-FT-8 (UltraBEAM) floor types require Mineral Wool Quilt laid between the battens of: 50mm (minimum) 10-36 kg/m3
  5. JCW L Shaped or Flat Perimenter Edging Strip detail
  6. Resilient bars and 2 layers x 15mm Acoustic Plasterboard
  7. JCW 90T Acoustic Batten

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    Acoustic Batten 90T is ideal for timber FFT-1 Floating Floor Types: E-FT-7, E-FT-8 and E-FS-2


    • Raised floor space can be used for installing services
    • Ideal for good impact and airborne sound improvement
    • Size: 90mm deep x 42mm x 1800mm
    • Weight: 2.9 kgs

    Reduction in Impact Sound Transmission: rd Δ Lw 16 dB

    Improvement in Airborne Sound Insulation: 13 dB Rw + Ctr

    Acoustic Batten 90T Animation