Studio and home cinema soundproofing

Recording Studio and Home Cinema Soundproofing Products & Solutions

When it comes to creating a space for high levels of noise created by music, whether that be by converting your existing garage or shed or if your venturing in to a new build, we would firstly recommend building a room within a room.

This method would create a soundproof structure that give isolation from your existing structure and therefore giving you the best starting point.

If this isn’t an option for you there are products that you can introduce that would help reduce some of the noise but not completely remove it.  For all our solutions please give us a call or take a look for ideas below.

Wall soundproofing systems and products

  • Acoustic insulation products for cavity walls
  • Acoustic insulation products for direct to wall fitting
  • Acoustic ancillaries for wall noise

Ceiling soundproofing systems and products

  • Acoustic insulation for ceiling cavities
  • Ancillary products for ceiling noise

Floor soundproofing systems and products

  • Acoustic insulation products for impact noise
  • Acoustic insulation products for airborne noise
  • Acoustic insulation products for impact and airborne noise
  • Acoustic ancillaries for floor noise

Acoustic doors

  • Complete soundproof timber door sets
  • Door seal kits for acoustic upgrade of existing doors

With the JCW Acoustic Supplies range of soundproofing products, your studio or cinema will be professionally soundproofed, offering the best acoustic results available in the UK.  Contact us today.

Need to speak to an Acoustic Expert?

If you would like to speak to one of our Sounproofing experts in regards to home cinema or recording studio soundproofing please call us on 01204 548400 or fill in the short form on the page and one of our friendly, expert acoustic consultants will be in touch to answer your questions:

Recommended Wall Products For home Cinemas

Image of a Moveable Acoustic Walls

Moveable Acoustic Walls

JCW Moveable acoustic walls allow flexible and efficient space utilization combined with excellent acoustic performance in areas such as offices, hotels, exhibition centres, studios and many other applications.

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JCW Acoustic Quilt

Acoustic Quilt for Independent Wall

A premium acoustic partition roll fitting between the studs in metal or timber wall partitioning systems or between the joists of a timber floor.

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JCW Absorba Ceiling Tile

Sound Absorber Ceiling Tile

A high specification acoustic panel. Pre-finished, direct bond, flame retardant ceiling and wall panel.

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Recommended Ceiling Products For home Cinemas

Sound Stop Ceiling Pads

Noisestopper Ceiling Pads

High performance acoustic insulation for suspended ceilings, featuring two layers of sound absorbing mineral wool with a sound barrier mat core.

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JCW Acoustic Ceiling Pads

JCW Acoustic Ceiling Pads

Acoustic insulation for suspended ceilings, reducing “room to room” sound transfer

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JCW Noise Blocker Panel

JCW Noise Blocker Panels

Noise reduction panels for suspended ceiling systems.

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