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    JCW Noiseblocker. Suspended Ceilings Soundproofing

    The JCW Noiseblocker provide an excellent soundproofing solution to the escape of sound through suspended ceilings.
    Designed to be used in situations when partitions are installed only to the underside of the suspended ceiling, and will reduce the problem commonly found office, educational and health environments. Noiseblockers will reduce vertical sound transmission between floors, and from within the ceiling void. Suitable for most ceiling systems, Noiseblockers are simply placed onto the back of the ceiling tile and can be installed with the ceiling or as a retro-fit.

    The Benefits

    • Reduces sound escape through suspended ceilings in offices, classrooms and hospitals.
    • Reduces sound escape out from services within the suspended ceiling void.
    • Easily installed with new or retro-fit existing suspended ceilings.
    • Tiles can easily be removed for access.
    • Noiseblocker complete flexibility with relocation of partitions, unlike vertical cavity barrier solutions.
    • Accessories for treating light fittings, air diffusers and gaps are available within the Noiseblocker
    • Product can be manufactured for all types of suspended ceilings.