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Converting a garage into a studio, or a music rehersal area? You're going to need soundproofing! Take a look at this helpful blog post about how to best soundproof a garage and the areas and products that will help the most. Get in touch with our experts for help advice and product ordering.

Many people are turning to extensions and conservatories in their homes as a way to increase the value of their property, as well as creating more indoor space, but did Soundproofing cross your mind? Soundproofing should be an integral aspect of the build. Planning to add soundproofing before the extension / conservatory / loft conversion etc is started, is the best way to proceed, as adding the acoustic products during

Renovation & DIY During Lockdown If lockdown has taught us anything, apart from that we need to keep washing our hands and stop touching our face, it’s that we don’t like to hear our neighbours noise. Yes we can renovate our properties, as a lot of us have definitely been doing over the last few months and no doubt will be continuing to do so. We have a range of