Do you struggle to find privacy in the office? JCW Acoustic Supplies provide a range of dedicated soundproofing products designed to segment the acoustic harmony in an enclosed environment. Take a look at how we can help you and get in touch.

Why would I have an Acoustic fence? Domestic Many houses are build close by to busy roads. And if they aren’t yet, there are many developments constantly ongoing making roads and more houses etc. This can create or lead to the possibility of an increase in noise coming from outside your garden or property. Many new roads and developments have Acoustic Fencing up as part of the development, but this

Soundproof Your Garden For Summer With the summer that we have had in the UK these last few months, more and more of us have been spending time in the garden. This has been a great time for bbq’s, paddling pools and drinks in the sun! Don’t Let Noise Ruin Your Summer However, there are some instances where the sounds from outside spoil the leisure time you want to have

Acoustic Deck Project  Y Bae, Hirael Bay, Bangor Client: Watkin Jones group (via CL Jones) Product installed –  Acoustic Decking: 1374m² of Deck 37c and 724m² of Deck 33 The Acoustic Deck Project – Watkin Jones have recently completed the development of 1,2,3 bedroom apartments and 3/4 bedroom townhouses at the Hirael bay. The peaceful waterfront setting of the old boatyard ensures that Y Bae will be a landmark development

Am I a noisy neighbour? Many people can be a nuisance noisy neighbour without even realising it. To avoid getting on the wrong side of your neighbours you should always try and keep noise levels to an acceptable level. However, if you like practising musical instruments or crank the TV volume up when watching an episode of CSI, you might not realise when the noise you make is becoming unbearable