Acoustic Supplies

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Summertown Wine Bar is an independent, specialist wine bar in the Heart of North Oxford. Providing Jazz nights and wine tasting experiences in a relaxed environment.

What Was Needed

The Summertown Wine Bar required improved acoustics for its bar and meeting room areas. The wine bar’s request came from a positive recommendation from Oaks Farm Coffee Shop, where JCW had previously installed acoustic panels. The objective was to reduce reverb and create an improved audio experience, particularly for music performances and other events.

What We Did

JCW installed 46 square metres of acoustic baffles in two key areas:

  1. Bar Area: 30 panels, each measuring 1200 x 1000 mm, were installed horizontally, covering a 36-square-metre area. This reduced the reverb time from 2.7 seconds to 1.4 seconds.
  2. Meeting Room: 21 panels, each measuring 1200 x 400 mm, were installed vertically, covering a 10-square-metre area. This reduced the reverb time from 1.9 seconds to 0.9 seconds.

The Result

The installation significantly enhanced the sound quality at Summertown Wine Bar, allowing guests to enjoy music events more comfortably. The bar publicly acknowledged this improvement, highlighting the increased sound quality in their promotional materials. Overall, the project was successful in meeting the client’s needs, both aesthetically and functionally, resulting in a much-improved acoustic environment for the wine bar’s patrons.