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JCW Acoustic Supplies has seen a 26% growth over the past 12 months. Laura Keegan, Commercial Director of the company, explains the strategy behind the unprecedented success. When Laura Keegan became Commercial Director of JCW Acoustic Supplies in 2013, she took the helm of a business in a stagnant market. To deliver a step change in that market, she knew she needed to make a step change in the business.

If you live in a small, quiet neighbourhood, chances are you may not need any soundproofing products. However, more of us are living in busy metropolitan areas where noise pollution can have a detrimental effect on health. When building or buying a home you should know more about acoustic insulation products before deciding to use this material. Understanding Sound Sound travels in waves and like the ripples of water in

Most of us have to deal with constant noise in our homes on a constant basis. With most of it coming from our own homes and noisy neighbours. Some people have no idea how to deal with this issue of increasing levels of noise within the home.Now you may be wondering what exactly is soundproofing? Soundproofing is the process of trying to eliminate or remove unwanted noise within a room.

Frequently Asked Wall Soundproofing Questions Soundproofing walls is becoming one of the largest growth areas for our business as it is the first area of the home that gets looked at when dealing with noise from other rooms, noisy neighbours, or intrusive outside noise.  As a result of the increase in people looking to install wall soundproofing products, there are more questions that people have about the product and the

Moon Star Glitz & Glamour Ball Acoustic Supplies has been raising money recently in aid of mental health, and helped to raise over £4,305 for the charity Mind. Well done to all involved in getting to this amazing total! JCW Acoustic Supplies sponsored the Moonstar Glitz and Glamour ball where we had a tough night dancing and listening to tribute bands! A great night was had by all and there