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Advice on How to Reduce Noise Transfer Between Hotel Rooms and Guest Rooms

When people book a hotel room or stay in your guest room for a few nights, their standards would be high as they want your guest room or hotel room to meet their expectations! To ensure your guests are pleased, you must reduce noise transfer between hotel or guest rooms. Soundproofing is essential as it gives your guests privacy and allows them to have a good night’s sleep. In fact, according to a study, 74% of 1,004 travellers agree that a quiet room is essential to achieving a good night’s sleep!

Here we will go through our advice on how you can reduce noise transfer between hotel rooms and guest rooms to ensure your guests have a good night’s sleep and a great experience!

Use Furniture

Before you do any internal work, furniture is a great way to absorb sound in the room. You can use rugs, couches, curtains and blankets as this can soak up a lot of the acoustic sound bouncing around your room. It also looks great! Positioning the furniture around the walls is also helpful as the furniture can capture the sound before it transfers between the next room.


If you want to ensure no noise will transfer between your hotel or guest rooms, then insulating the ceiling, walls, and the floor is an effective way to do so. Installing acoustic insulation will soak up the noise to stop it from transferring and also help you reduce energy costs!

Acoustic Panels

You can add decorative acoustic panels to the walls of your hotel or guest room. This is an effective and decorative way to stop noise from transferring. The acoustic panels absorb all the noise from the room and prevent it from transferring to any other room giving your guests a good night’s sleep with no distractions.

Soundproof Doors

Soundproofing doors is a great way to prevent noise transfer, especially in a hotel room. By installing soundproof doors, you can prevent your guests from being woken up by other guests walking up and down the halls and block our conversations outside, so they do not disturb their sleep.

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If you want to give your guests a great experience and a good night’s sleep, then soundproof today! Here at JCW, we have a variety of supplies that will suit the area or building you want to soundproof. So contact us today; we would love to help!