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How to

soundproof a studio
9 March 2023

How To Soundproof A Studio

Soundproofing is a crucial aspect that you must give top priority to when setting up a recording studio for music production, podcasting,…

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2 December 2022

Advice on How to Reduce Noise Transfer Between Hotel Rooms and Guest Rooms

When people book a hotel room or stay in your guest room for a few nights, their standards would be high as…

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home cinema theatre
8 July 2022

How To Soundproof A Cinema Room

With all the off-the-shelf options available that claim to totally soundproof a home cinema, it can be difficult to choose parts that are reliable and built to last for a long time. Soundproofing a room can be a long process, so it’s best to do it perfectly the first time!…

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Soundproofing A Garage
20 November 2020

Soundproofing A Garage

Converting a garage into a studio, or a music rehersal area? You’re going to need soundproofing! Take a look at this helpful blog post about how to best soundproof a garage and the areas and products that will help the most. Get in touch with our experts for help advice and product ordering….

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Image of a soundproof floor
16 January 2020

How Do You Soundproof A Floor?

How do you soundproof a floor? Soundproofing a floor helps reduce noise transmission between floors.  The products required are determined by your…

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Soundproof Against Noisy Neighbours
9 December 2019

Soundproof Walls To Protect Against Noisy Neighbours

Have issues with noisy neighbours? Need more acoustic harmony in your living space? Acoustic Supplies can help. Take a look at our helpful blog for some tips and products that can help you increase your domestic peace….

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Schools and education soundproofing
12 September 2019

How To Improve Classroom Acoustics

Children and young adults will find it difficult to learn in a noisy classroom. Lots of children won’t need much of an excuse to become distracted so excessive noise will be a perfect reason to hinder learning. See how Acoustic Supplies can help to improve classroom performance and concentration….

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Office picture
9 July 2019

How Can I Make My Office More Soundproof?

Do you struggle to find privacy in the office? JCW Acoustic Supplies provide a range of dedicated soundproofing products designed to segment the acoustic harmony in an enclosed environment. Take a look at how we can help you and get in touch….

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