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How to JCW Acoustic Supplies Noisy Neighbours Wall Soundproofing

Soundproof Walls To Protect Against Noisy Neighbours

Noisy Neighbour Problems

Almost everyone either has or had an issue with neighbours being too noisy at some point, or at least knows people who have these issues.

Whilst excessive noise can be forgiven, or accepted from time to time (depending on your relationship with your neighbours!).  Continuous, intrusive noise can be a bain to people lives.  The stress can have a serious effect on mental health and quality of life, leading to police complaints and even feeling that moving house is the only option.

We don’t think that learning to live with excessive noise from neighbours is the best way to deal with these issues.  There are ways to increase the harmony in your home and help to prevent the amount of unwanted noise that can actually get into your room.

How To Stop Noisy Neighbour Noise?

The first step would be to actually talk to your neighbour. It may be possible that they are unaware of how much noise they are making and you could resolve the matter without spending any money on soundproofing products.

If this isn’t possible, or makes no difference, there are products and solutions to help reduce the noise in your room.

Soundproof the party wall

Re-enforcing the soundproofing on the party wall.  The wall that is shared between you and a neighbour is obviously the first place to start.

There are lots of wall soundproofing products available including the Slient Board, Acoustic Quilts and Isolations Strips.  These are all designed to reduce noise coming through walls.  However, using soundproofing techniques for the entire room will help prevent as much noise as possible from entering the room.  Using thick fabrics for curtains and rugs on the floor as well as having a good door will prevent airbourne noise.

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