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How Can I Make My Office More Soundproof?

Office Acoustic Solutions

The office should be a place where people go to get work done in a quiet, work focused environment.  Many businesses decide to make the move from bedroom to office space to get away from the distractions of home.

However, an office is traditionally a shared space.   Large businesses with more employees or smaller businesses work in shared office spaces.  These spaces can soon become a hive of distraction through excess noise.   Be that people chatting to each other, talking on the phone or even the clatter of keyboards.

Creating an acoustic space in the office which helps reduce unwanted noise will improve concentration levels and even mental health.  The good news is there are many options available when it comes to soundproofing an office environment.

Soundproof Walls and Ceilings

Noise blocker panels, acoustic sound absorption panels and absorber ceiling tiles are a few of the products available to help wall and ceiling office soundproofing.  Sound absorbing panels aren’t designed to reduce the noise levels, but will absorb the noise.  This helps to prevent reverb and echo in a space.  The effects of the absorbing panels in an enclosed area can be dramatic.

Take a look at all the solid surfaces of a room, walls and ceilings with flat surfaces will be reflecting noise.  Sound absorbers will prevent the noise from bouncing off these surfaces and reduce the overall noise and reverb.  This creates a calmer, quieter environment.

Soundproof Doors

Having a quiet private room or office can be important for meetings and business calls.  There are many routes for noise to travel through standard doors, but the JCW silent door premier can offer sound reduction up to 44dB, drastically reducing the sound levels escaping or penetrating through the door.

Pods and Booths

Free standing booths and pods are a really cost effective way to introduce a soundproof area. This negates the expense of building walls and partitioning off sections of the office permanently.  depending on your requirements, JCW provide various options to match.

Image Of Acoustic Offices
Acoustic Privacy Booth
Acoustic Pods

Desk Mounted Screens

Desk mounted screens are noise blockers that prevent sound travelling through.  These are ideal solutions for computer blocks where sounds of other workers in the next booth either across or next to you can be distracting.  The screens will prevent much of the noise from travelling into your area and help you concentrate on the task at hand.

There are many other areas that may be in need of soundproofing and JCW acoustic supplies will be happy to visit your site and assess your needs.  We have a long and proud history of providing bespoke solutions to your soundproofing requirements.

Take a look at our office soundproofing page for more products and solutions.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch.