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Acoustic Pods

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    Acoustic Pods


    Unlike traditional pods which are totally enclosed, JCW Office Soundproofing Acoustics Pods are not simply boxes which help contain sound.

    The design of the walls and patented roof system is such that sound absorption is optimised, whist still allowing the free flow of existing air conditioning systems.
    It’s difficult to build a truly private space in an open plan area without adding walls or partitioning. Even then sound transmission through the ceiling void and other flanking paths can result in a lack of speech privacy.
    The best solution is to create a space where air flows freely yet still provides the level of acoustic privacy desired.
    Acoustic pods are the latest development offering sound control combined with privacy in open plan offices.
    They are perfect examples of two simple acoustics principles – absorption which is essential for reducing reverberation and therefore noise levels and – blocking where sound is re-directed by the intervention of a solid blocking surface which must be of sufficient mass to interrupt directly the path of sound from the source to the receiver.

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