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How To Soundproof A Cinema Room

Easy Ways To Soundproof Your Cinema Or Theatre Room

If you have a home theatre, you’re probably aware of how little things such as unwanted light and sound can ruin the big-screen experience.

With all the off-the-shelf options available that claim to totally soundproof a home cinema, it can be difficult to choose parts that are reliable and built to last for a long time. Soundproofing a room can be a long process, so it’s best to do it perfectly spot-on the first time, and not have to worry about it again!

This article aims to give you the best soundproofing advice, ensuring your home cinema room is as quiet as possible inside and out. Find our top three picks for home theatre noise reduction below.

First Things First - Preparation

Before you start anything, it’s always the best idea to come up with a plan. One of the main things we recommend determining is the actual amount of soundproofing supplies needed for the job ahead.

For example, some people will only want to soundproof their cinema from the rest of their house. Others may want to completely block out all noise from the outside world. It’s up to you but whatever you choose, usually the cost increases the more “complete” your soundproofing is. The lower the decibels, the higher the price!

Sound transmission is simply described as vibrations or sound waves. The end goal is to set up enough sound barriers to reduce the vibrations entering or exiting your home theatre. Every time sound waves hit the barriers, it moves the surface ever so slightly to create noise. Unfortunately, you cannot completely stop this process, but it is very possible to reduce sound vibrations to a near-perfect minimum.

Our Top Three Ways To Soundproof Your Cinema Room

Soundproofing a cinema room is actually not that much different from soundproofing other rooms in your house. It’s more a case of finding out what is the best or most effective for your room type.

The four main types of soundproofing elements are:

  • Mass
  • Absorption
  • Decoupling
  • Damping

We aren’t going to go into details about them in this blog, but you can always read more about the different soundproofing elements. Instead, below are our top ways to easily soundproof a cinema room or studio, for a good price too!

1) Adding mass to your walls

This is by far the best method to reduce noise in your cinema room. It’s pretty easy to wrap your head around it too! The thicker your wall is, the more difficult it is for sound waves to pass through and create vibrations.

You can achieve this with layers of drywall or insulation. Other less effective methods include matting for walls, acoustic walls or acoustic quilts. Or you can learn more about soundproofing your walls.


2) Floor soundproofing methods

Carpet is one of the most beneficial and easy-to-do fixes to soundproof your home theatre. They’re highly effective in controlling noise and echo, due to their thickness and rough surface layer properties.

In comparison to wood for example, which is smooth and bounces sound waves around rooms. Alongside carpet, we recommend trying acoustic battens or decks which counter impact and airborne noise. Learn more about our floor soundproofing technology.


3) Acoustic door soundproofing

Last but definitely not least, acoustic doors are great for sealing out the sound reverberations and stopping them from coming in as well. In fact, doors are one of the main causes of sound issues. This is mainly due to the gaps around the hinges and below the door.

Many doors are also hollow which is a huge no-no if you’re trying to achieve an ultra-quiet room. Luckily, we can offer a range of high-performance bespoke timber doors that offer sound reductions up to 44db. You can find our acoustic door soundproofing here.

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Other Soundproofing Methods

With the JCW Acoustic Supplies wide range of soundproofing products, your studio or cinema room will be professionally soundproofed, offering the best acoustic results available in the UK.

If you’d like to see the other options we have available, please be sure to check out our Studio & Cinema Soundproofing Solutions page.

For any enquiries, questions about our products, or just to place an order with us, simply fill out our online webform here, or call us on 01204 548400. We’d be delighted to hear from you and aim to get back as soon as possible!