What Are Sound Absorbing Panels? Sound absorbing panels are basically panels that are fixed on your wall or ceiling and absorb reflective sound! Reflective sound will bounce off hard surfaces and creates reverberation (echo), increasing the ambient noise levels of the room. With a sound absorbing panel this is prevented, or at least reduced substantially. Sound absorbing differs from soundproofing which is normally used to prevent sound from escaping a

JCW Acoustic Supplies are specialists in the manufacture of bespoke and tailor made sound absorption products. Our acoustic panels offer great soundproofing acoustic options to seperate the office and offer a degree of privacy for segmented areas. An example of the custom work that we can manufacture is the 2.4m tall portable acoustic panels designed to the needs of our customer who are using it within a recording studio: These

Soundproof Your Garden For Summer With the summer that we have had in the UK these last few months, more and more of us have been spending time in the garden. This has been a great time for bbq’s, paddling pools and drinks in the sun! Don’t Let Noise Ruin Your Summer However, there are some instances where the sounds from outside spoil the leisure time you want to have


Feb 2016

Noisy Neighbour

Dealing With the Noisy Neighbour If you’re living with a noisy neighbour, you’ll know how difficult it can be to go about your day to day life. At JCW Acoustic Supplies, we’re often ask the best way to deal with a noisy neighbour.  A recent Which? survey found that one in four people have had a problem with a nuisance noisy neighbour in the last year, leaving people angry, irritable