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Northern Lawn Tennis Club

Works Carried Out: October 2023

Company: The Northern Lawn Tennis Club

Location: Manchester.

The Northern Lawn Tennis Club, often simply referred to as The Northern, is a members-owned sporting club located in West Didsbury, Manchester. It is known for its history and contributions to the sport of tennis. The club hosts a variety of racquet sports facilities, including tennis and squash courts, and has a heritage of hosting some of the sport’s biggest names on its courts.

What Acoustic Solutions Were required?

The primary requirement was to develop a soundproofing solution that would mitigate the impact of noise on the surrounding residential area, enabling the Northern Lawn Tennis Club to meet the conditions set for planning approval. The challenge was to achieve this without compromising the aesthetic and functional aspects of the club’s facilities.

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    Our Soundproofing Solutions

    In response to this challenge, JCW Acoustic Supplies devised a comprehensive strategy that involved the supply and installation of 57 metres of our 2-metre-high JCW Reflective Sound Screen. This system is specifically designed to offer superior noise reflection capabilities, effectively reducing the transmission of sound. Additionally, a 3.6m x 2m high double-leaf access gate was installed to ensure seamless access without sacrificing soundproofing effectiveness.

    The Result

    The installation of the JCW Reflective Sound Screen at the Northern Lawn Tennis Club was a success. It not only facilitated the club’s success of the necessary planning approval by addressing the concerns of nearby residents but also enhanced the overall environment of the tennis club. This project is a testament to JCW Acoustic Supplies’ commitment to delivering bespoke soundproofing solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients, reinforcing our position as leaders in the soundproofing industry.

    Our collaboration with the Northern Lawn Tennis Club underscores our expertise in providing tailored solutions that meet the stringent requirements of our clients, contributing to the sustainability and enjoyment of community sports facilities.