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Noise Reduction Soundproofing

The CO2 Gas Company

Works Carried Out: October 2023

Company: The CO2 Gas Company

Location: Harlow.

The CO2 Gas Company, established in 1998, has built a reputation for delivering high-quality compressed carbon dioxide gas (CO2) products, specifically catering to the drinks industry from their filling plant in North London. Their commitment to quality and service has positioned them as a key player in the region, providing essential supplies for businesses requiring CO2 gas for beverage dispensing and other applications.

What Acoustic Solutions Were required?

Recognising the importance of maintaining an optimal working environment, The CO2 Gas Company approached us with a specific requirement: they needed effective acoustic solutions for their warehouse to mitigate the noise generated by their machinery. This was critical not only for ensuring compliance with noise regulation standards but also for improving the working conditions for their staff.

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    Our Soundproofing Solutions

    In response to their needs, our team at JCW embarked on a comprehensive assessment of the site to determine the most effective soundproofing strategy. Our solution was to supply and install 6m x 5.5m of JCW Absorbent Sound Screen, which is renowned for its superior noise reduction capabilities. This bespoke system was designed to enclose the noisy machinery, significantly reducing noise pollution within the warehouse. The installation also included one double-leaf gate and one single-leaf gate, ensuring easy access for operational purposes while maintaining the integrity of the soundproofing barrier.

    The Result

    The implementation of the JCW Absorbent Sound Screen has not only enhanced the acoustic environment of The CO2 Gas Company’s warehouse but also underscored our commitment to providing customised, effective soundproofing solutions. This project showcases our ability to address the unique challenges faced by our clients, reinforcing JCW’s position as a leader in the soundproofing industry.

    Our collaboration with The CO2 Gas Company is a testament to our expertise in delivering tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. We take pride in our ability to improve operational environments, contributing to the overall efficiency and well-being of the businesses we serve.