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Case Study – Cygnet Health

Works Carried Out: November 2023

Company: Cygnet Health

Location: Birmingham.

Cygnet was established in 1988. Since then they have developed a wide range of health and social care services for young people and adults with mental health needs, acquired brain injuries, eating disorders, autism and learning disabilities within the UK. They came to us needing our supplies and services due to echo issues in their Birmingham offices.
This was hindering the work of the staff in their office and needed a solution.

What Acoustic Solutions Were required?

Cygnet’s primary concern was the level of echo within their offices. To address this, we identified the need for an effective acoustic treatment that could be integrated into their existing office layout. We arranged a site visit to take measurements and to take details of the materials of the walls, ceilings and floors.

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    Our Soundproofing Solutions

    Our team at JCW Acoustic Supplies took on the challenge with our bespoke solutions. We installed a total of 121 acoustic baffles across six distinct areas within the Cygnet office. These included the meeting room, main office area, management suite, staff zone, a smaller meeting space, and the reception area. Our acoustic baffles are specifically designed to reduce noise and echo, enhancing the audibility and overall acoustic quality of the environment. The JCW team started early and stayed late to avoid too much disturbance to the workings of the office

    The Result

    The installation of the acoustic baffles provided immediate positive feedback. The Cygnet team reported a noticeable reduction in echo, which significantly improved the experience in the office. This successful installation has led to further enquiries from Cygnet, looking to replicate the improvements at another site.