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Oakes Farm Café Absorber Ceiling Tile

Initial Contact

As JCW are always on the hunt to help with sound problems, one of our team was invited to breakfast by the owner of Oakes Farm Shop. Whilst never one to turn down a good English breakfast, there was one thing that was apparent and that there was a high level of reverberation. So once breakfast was finished, it was suggested that Gary put a call into our office to solve the issue.

The solution

After an initial telephone call, JCW organised for one of our representatives to attend the site to take measurements and additional information so a “reverb” calculation could be carried out. Once done, the options were discussed with the customer to suit aesthetics and the best layout for their panel installation. JCW had put forward a solution that consisted of installing 72m2 of the echo ceiling tile in various rows across the ceiling of the café:

Based on 72m2 of the Absorber Ceiling tile (white) as quoted this will bring the reverberation time (echo) down to a Government standard of 1second for a dining area.

Dining Area Reverb 72m2 – 2.5 to 0.8 second

The result

Following a successful proposal and installation from JCW, Gary had the following to say:

“Really pleased with the night time installation which meant we didn’t have to close our cafe, and the reduction of noise has exceeded our expectations and made it a more pleasurable environment for our customers and staff.”

Absorber Ceiling Tile Contact

Get in touch with us with any enquiries about our absorber ceiling tiles. Our team of friendly experts are waiting for your message.

    Job Complete

    A lovely cafe, tasty food and great acoustics making for a very enjoyable experience.

    If you have a problem with reverberation / echo within your venue, please call JCW on 01204 548400 and we would be delighted to offer our technical expertise