Soundproofing Horror Story avoided If you are suffering from the nightmare of Noisy neighbours, this Halloween JCW Acoustic Supplies want to share with you a trick that will make your home a treat to be in. Whatever your noise problem JCW can offer an affordable solution. Our products can be fitted by the DIY enthusiast. Our products are easy to install and come complete with full installation guides. You’ll find

With today’s fast paced lifestyle, there are many different sources of noise that could disturb your peace at home after a long stressful day at work. With the constantly increasing population in the UK this means that there is more traffic, more construction work and more noise in general. There are many reasons why investing in a soundproofing systems would be beneficial to you and your property. Here are some

Halloween is one of the most celebrated days around the world. With its scary stories, costume parties and an enormous amount of chocolate on offer, it is a no brainer why it is everyone’s favourite holiday. We All Enjoy Halloween However as we grow older, our idea of Halloween changes. As a kid, you used to get most excited about a full bag of chocolates lasting you for a long

With the cold weather approaching slowly, people tend to spend more time at home. If you are lucky, your neighbours will just like cuddling up and spending some time quietly watching TV with their family. However, some people tend to be not as lucky were their neighbours are concerned. Temperatures going down means only one thing. ‘Winter is coming’, as a famous TV show would say. However, the cold weather

Noise Is All Around Us Our lives are surrounded by sounds and noises. However, most of them are annoying, distracting and even disturbing our everyday routines and habits. Melodies, songs and music are the exception. They enrich our lives and can make us feel emotional only with a few lines. However, being talented and good at singing or playing an instrument, as enjoyable as it is for you, might not