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Renovation & DIY During Lockdown

If lockdown has taught us anything, apart from that we need to keep washing our hands and stop touching our face, it’s that we don’t like to hear our neighbours noise.

Yes we can renovate our properties, as a lot of us have definitely been doing over the last few months and no doubt will be continuing to do so. We have a range of products that can help you to imporve properites by cutting down the noise, but what about learning from what we know now and preventing it from affecting our future.

Prevention is cure

If you’re a building contractor or property investor and looking to get involved with refurbishing commercial use property in to a residential property, or you are already working on a residential property of multiple dwellings, you need to be thinking about soundproofing now before this becomes a headache for you and the tenants in the future.

Floor Soundproofing

Renovating the floors in a flat, or the upstairs of a property is a great opportunity to reduce the sound transmission between floors.

Products such as the JCW Impactalay or the Acoustic Decks (for timber or concrete floors) provide fantastic sound absorption rates.

JCW Acoustic Supplies products are designed to reduce the amount of noise that can pass through the floor and anyone who you want to live in your property will come to realise that.  Noisy neighbours can be the bane of people lives, especially when living in close proximity and having products that can reduce the sound transmitting through the floors will help to keep your tenants or buyers happy.

Wall Soundproofing

Wall mounted TV’s, music and parties can be too much for some neighbours. This can be something that doesn’t need to be an issue from the start.

Why not treat the adjoining walls beforehand with our Silent Board and Acoustic Quilt and stop the noise before the party starts.

Doing it yourself?

For all the budding DIY’ers out there all your soundproofing needs can too be dealt with by using our great range of wall and floor soundproofing products even if you’re not planning to build new walls or take up your floorboards, why not just add our product to them and achieve the same fantastic results.

Why not use our Reflecta Sound panels to reduce the echo in a kitchen/diner or our Impactalay plus to reduce airbourne and impact sound going through to the floor below.

JCW Acoustic Supplies provide high quality, UK manufactured soundproofing products to building suppliers across the country.  We have a team of friendly, acoustic experts at hand to help with any product advice for your own home or larger renovation projects.  If you need any help with any area of Soundproofing, please give us a call on 01204 548400, or use the contact form on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.