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Best Ways To Reduce Noise In Your Open Office

A noisy workplace is more than an irritation for workers who work in an office setting. Pay attention to the effects on employee mood and job happiness. It can lead to distractions, lower productivity, and even increased stress. Therefore, a solution to reduce noise in your open office is essential.

Studies have found that workers in noisy offices are likelier to quit their jobs within six months. In addition, 65% of people said that noise in the workplace impacted their ability to complete work in an accurate and timely manner.

If your office is too noisy for you or your coworkers, think about one or more of the following remedies. Here are the best ways to reduse noise in an open office.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels are an excellent way to deal with loud open-plan offices since sound-absorbent materials may be used to dampen inbound noise.

Thankfully, several contemporary acoustic wall panels on the market have superior sound absorption capabilities. The JCW acoustic panels, which come in various sizes and forms, can be combined innumerably to produce the desired aesthetic and auditory effect. It can serve as both a message board and a bulletin board, making excellent use of your office space.


Plants help minimise noise within a place and improve air quality, employee well-being, and aesthetic appeal. For example, large living walls can block out noise, which is currently very popular in commercial architecture.

They have successfully been used to lower noise levels in open offices. Beyond the apparent aesthetic advantages and overall influence on air quality, the larger the plant, the greater the impact. In addition to being excellent for reducing noise, live, and green walls are becoming more and more common in commercial architecture.

Change The Layout Of Your Office

In other circumstances, managing noise pollution only requires rearranging your workspace. For instance, you can assist in reducing noise throughout the entire office by grouping desks.

Rearranging noisy workplace equipment is an even simpler way to lessen distractions. For example, try setting up the copier, printer, and anything else in a different area. Doing this can make your office less noisy and improve productivity.

Sound Reducing Flooring

Hard flooring surfaces like concrete, porcelain, and ceramic can cause havoc in a work environment due to the extreme noise pollution they produce. While carpet is a decent noise-cancelling option, engineered hardwood and LVT flooring are adaptable substitutes because of their low maintenance requirements and wide design possibilities.

You can also soundproof your flooring using acoustic battens, acoustic decks or underlay! At JCW, we offer the UK’s most complete floor soundproofing product portfolio. It offers an acoustic flooring solution for any floor soundproofing job, making it simple to soundproof timber or concrete floors.

Wall Dividers

Wall partitions and cubicles are a tried-and-true solution that has assisted businesses of all sizes in separating personnel and lowering workplace noise. Even low-level wall partitions that don’t isolate a person are efficient. While certain cubicle designs may lack elegance, more modern cubicle design options are also available.

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The secret is discovering the ideal combination of noise-reducing solutions that work for your environment. However, having a completely quiet office space isn’t easy because open spaces thrive off of a particular level of employee collaboration.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding JCW acoustic solutions or how they might improve well-being and productivity in your workspace. We’re here to help.