community and church soundproofing

Sound Absorption for places of worship and community halls

Community halls and places of Worship are often large, open areas with hard, acoustically reflective surfaces on the walls floors and ceilings. This means, speech and song can result in a great deal of echo and reverberation.

The large variety of uses for these types of buildings can cause acoustic problems, and each building will have its own particular requirement. For more information on our acoustic solutions for large halls, contact one of our experts today.

Acoustic Decks 28 & 32 for Concrete Floors-TH

Acoustic Decks 28 & 32 for Concrete Floors

Chipboard based acoustic deck for concrete separating floors. Robust Detail FFT-5 resilient overlay platform floor system



JCW Reflecta Sound

A range of decorative wall panel systems featuring high absorption levels for reflected noise


JCW Silent Door Premier

JCW Silent Door Premier

JCW Silent Door premier JCW Silent Door premier A high performance acoustic timber door offering 44 dB sound reduction.


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