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Silent board plus ideal for soundproofing walls

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    Silent Board Plus – Enhanced Acoustic Wall Lining

    Acoustic overlay improvement board for new and existing walls.

    Silent Board Plus acoustic wall lining is manufactured from acoustic plasterboard laminated to an acoustic resilient layer. This simple but ultra high performance acoustic wall lining system to drastically reduce sound transmission.
    Silent Board Plus is an acoustic wall lining designed and manufactured in the UK by laminating a acoustic resilient layer to a layer of acoustic grade plasterboard.
    It can be applied to either masonry or stud walls and is also suitable to reduce flanking noise up and down walls.

    • Simple quickly to install acoustic wall lining by bonding to wall
    • Slimline Only thick 32mm it’s half the thickness of some other acoustic wall lining products
    • Easy to apply to lightweight wall structures or existing plasterboard – so there’s no studwork required
    • Practical, thin build up ensures little compromise on living space without compromising high performance
    • Compliant with Part E building regs
    • Fire retardant
    • Recycled 100% of the material has been recycled
    • Flexible, once installed the plasterboard surface is ready for any decorative finish
    • Ideal: either where existing walls have failed pre-completion testing or as a solution to noisy neighbours.
    • Hassle free: Plasterboard surface ready for decoration.
    • High Value: The Silent Board PLUS acoustic wall lining System is easy to install and available for fast delivery nationwide.

    Acoustic Testing & Compliance
    JCW Silent Board plus complies with the requirement contained in the 2003 edition of Approved Document Part E.
    CE mark and Declaration of Performance (DoP) information for this product is available to view/download below.

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