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Acoustic Enclosure supplied & installed at Princess Anne Hospital – Case Study

The Problem

The last thing you want to hear when you’re recovering in hospital is the noise from
machinery outside the window. At Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton,
expansion meant that an existing generator and subsequent cabling was incapable of
coping with the demands required of it. When a new generator was commissioned it was
imperative that noise from this didn’t create any issues and impact on patient
wellbeing. Initially it was proposed that the new unit be installed inside a container,
however the noise and heat this would create would make it a harsh environment
for engineers carrying out any maintenance. Another solution would have to be thought
of ????

Initial discussions

JCW Acoustic Supplies were contacted in March 2021 by ITT Services, the company responsible
for the installation and ongoing maintance of the new power unit. A number of discussions were had
between ITT & JCW along with the scheme’s acoustic consultant, resulting in plans being drawn up
for an acoustic timber enclosure surrounding the new generator on all 4 sides. Particular care had
to be taken with regards to the exhaust so that this could extract fumes sideways removing the
need for there to be a roof on the structure. Once this was approved and quotes were agreed works
were scheduled for September 2021.

The Solution

Installation of the enclosure measuring 8m by 4m was carried out over the course of a week in Princess Anne hospital. To
ensure strength and stability it was decided that steel posts had to used which were securely bolted
to the concrete slab. Particular attention had to be made towards the area around the exhaust
system making sure that this side of the enclosure fit snugly around this ensuring no damaging
effect to the reduction in noise that was required. On one side of the enclosure steel framed timber
gates, to the same acoustic standard, were implemented to allow for the easy access that was
required for ongoing servicing and maintenance of the new generator.

The Result

As can be seen from the photos the finished enclosure was of a sympathetic design that blended
well into it’s surroundings. Malcolm Copeland of ITT commented:-

“We are very happy with the new enclosure. Not only does it look nice, it has also decreased the noise levels of the new and more energy efficient generator to an acceptable level that is approximately 8-10dB lower than it was prior to installation of the enclosure”.

As seen from the feedback, once again JCW were able to provide and install a solution that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also solved the problem of anticipated higher sound levels of the new and bigger generator.