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Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes, came into effect in England in April 2007, is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions and create sustainable homes. Having a code rating for new build homes became mandatory from May 1st 2008.
Sustainability is measured against nine categories of sustainable design, rating the whole home as a complete package. Category 7, titled “Health and Well-being” includes a section on sound insulation outlining that between one and four points (which aggregate into a final star rating) can be awarded for a property that achieves higher standards of sound insulation than required by Part E of the Building Regulations.
The code uses a one to six star rating system to enable developers and builders communicate the sustainability performance of the new home. JCW Acoustic Supplies can provide technical advice and acoustic products to ensure credits can be gained under the code. In effect valuable extra credits can be gained by simply upgrading separating wall and separating floor specifications.
Code for Sustainable Homes

 Category 7  Total Credits Available  Weighted Value of Each
 Health and Wellbeing  12  1.17


 Health and Wellbeing
Credits Available  Weighted Value (% points)
 Daylighting  3  3.5
 Sound Insulation  4  4.67
 Private Space  1  1.17
 Lifetime Homes  4  4.67
 Category Total  12  14

An overall score of equal to or greater than 57 points is required to achieve a minimum required Code Level of star rating 3.
To achieve the maximum 4 credits in Sound Insulation, separating floors and walls have to be shown to achieve an 8dB improvement above the requirements of Part E, 2003.

Airborne Sound Insulation
Separating Floors and Walls DnT,w+Ctr
Impact Sound Insulation
Separating Floors Only L’nT,w
 Requirements of Part ‘E’ 2003 ≥45dB ≤62dB
 Requirement to achieve 1 credit ≥48dB ≤59dB
 Requirement to achieve 3 credits ≥50dB ≤57dB
 Requirement to achieve 4 credits ≥53dB ≤54dB

Since May 2008 (subject to transitional arrangements) all new homes are required to have a Code rating measured against the Code and for a Code certificate to be included within the Home Information Pack or HIP.
JCW Acoustic Supplies offer a wide range of products with high performance specifications for floors and walls that are designed to meet the requirements of The Code, without introducing complicated build-ups.
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