Acoustic Supplies

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Environmental Policy

JCW Acoustic Supplies is committed to the environment by:

  • Encouraging concern for the environment in the workplace and work practices.
  • Purchasing wood-based raw materials from legal, managed and sustainable sources, wherever possible.
  • Seeking evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating in accordance with the environmental laws of their country.
  • Reducing waste during manufacturing and construction.
  • Using modern efficient manufacturing technologies.
  • Promoting environmentally friendly and thermally efficient methods of construction.
  • Keeping informed about environmentally friendly processes and changes in international legislation regarding the environment.

JCW Acoustic Supplies will work closely with all of its suppliers to encourage greater use of environmental practices and products. In order to achieve this all products, where possible, are sourced and procured from a list of ‘Approved Suppliers’.


JCW Acoustic Supplies performs a risk assessment on all suppliers and seeks evidence regarding the sourcing of raw materials. It will purchase certified material wherever possible to ensure compliance with our certification.

Recycled and Recyclable

JCW Acoustic Supplies is conscious of the need to preserve resources, minimise waste and reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. As a result the company is committed to using rubber from recycled tyres within its products. It also ensures that as many products as possible are recyclable.


All our buildings use the following:

  • Florescent tube lighting of the ultra low energy type.
  • Automatic timed cut off of lights in non active workspaces
  • Water control in toilets.
  • Annual renewal targets to update our fleet to multipurpose vehicles to reduce road miles.
  • Investigating use of biofuels.

Management is responsible for implementing this policy and the day-to-day responsibility that this statement of commitment is carried out and that policy is maintained in line with the certification body requirements and

Government Policy

The Management Team will work with its certification body to ensure that all criteria required are met and that any non-conformances are corrected without delay.