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Fencing & Barriers for the outside

Q. I have a busy road at the bottom of my garden which causes noise intrusion into my garden, disrupting my peace and quiet. Will a JCW Acoustic Barrier or Fence resolve this problem?

An acoustic barrier/fence will not remove the sound completely. However we aim to reduce the sounds that can be heard by approximately 50% provided the correct height and length of fence is installed and the fence is in the correct position to best combat the source of the noise disturbance.

Q. How do acoustic barriers/ fences help reduce sound intrusion?

With the use of high density timber boards and cover strips, our fencing system eliminates any air gaps, therefore where air can’t travel, sound can’t travel, a simple yet effective answer.
However the acoustic barrier/fence has to be the correct length and height and installed in the correct position on the site to gain optimum performance.

Q. Do you offer site visits?

Yes we can attend the property/ site; however there will be an initial fee for the visit and report. (This fee will be waivered if you proceed with the full installation by JCW and deducted from your final invoice)

Q. Do you guarantee the sound reductions?

JCW cannot guarantee any sound reduction without first involving an independent and fully qualified acoustic consultant or sound engineer. A sound test and site evaluation carried out by such an independent person using the correct sound testing equipment, will provide an impartial report about the current site, noise sources and how best to reduce them.

Q. Can you estimate the sound reduction?

Yes we can, provided you complete the information requested on our website (our questionnaire is located on the product page of each style of barrier/ fence)

Q. Does the timber come with a guarantee?

Yes our timber is pre- treated against decay and parasites and compliant to BS 8417. JCW Acoustic Supplies therefore offer a 20 year guarantee subject to conditions (ask for details)

Q. What measurements will I need for a Quote ?

To assist JCW in getting you the quickest Quotation possible, we recommend that you have the Height, Length and Delivery Address for the proposed Acoustic Fence.