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M Design London Ltd

Conversion of block of flats in London, UK.

The Challenge

When undertaking the conversion of a block of flats owned by a London Housing Association, M Design needed to ensure they met Part E standard of the building regulations.
M Design required an acoustic solution to reduce impact and airborne noise transmission through party floors, whilst minimising construction heights.

The Solution

M Design London consulted JCW Acoustic Supplies to identify the most appropriate acoustic treatment for the project requirements. The recommended product was ImpactaLay +, a high performance acoustic underlay solution. When applied to timber floors, ImpactaLay + achieves airborne sound insulation of 51dB and impact sound insulation of 39dB.


After complete installation the onsite acoustic test results concluded that ImpactaLay + exceeded the required airborne sound insulation of 43DB by achieving 55dB through party floors. Thanks to Impactalay+ impact sound was so low that it could that it could not be measured.


“As a thin material, ImpactaLay + kept the build up depth to a minimum and also achieved the necessary airborne and impact sound performance.”
Mr Hurrell – M Design stated

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