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We are often called in at the pre-planning stage of an office build and can offer advice which will ensure the acoustic experience in the finished office or workspace is optimised for staff comfort and productivity.

Where required, we can provide a creative interior design service to make sure the right choice of products, materials and colour combinations work effectively together to theme and compliment your corporate image or branding requirements.
Work spaces will be planned following the core principles of good office acoustics. This will include things like positioning individuals and workstations so that they mainly face away from each other, preferably separated by an acoustic screen. Where an increased level of privacy is important, highly absorbent acoustic ceilings should be used, helping reduce reflective sound.
Using acoustic screens and baffles, which combine sound blocking and sound absorbing properties, will help disrupt sound waves. The strategic positioning of sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels will further enhance acoustic performance where acoustic pods or demountable offices are to be located.

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