Acoustic Supplies

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When requested we will organise a thorough acoustic assessment of your office workspace to see at first-hand what the acoustic and reverberation issues are in situ.

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    Office Site Surveys

    The first recommendation for solving noise problems in open-plan workplaces is to carry out a thorough acoustic assessment. Once the acoustic properties are understood we will immediately identify how serious the noise problem is and what the best solution will be.

    Our extensive experience in analysing, designing and installing successful acoustic solutions for office soundproofing will be applied to your project. This experience includes soundproofing and sound absorption solutions to enhance speech intelligibility in the office and workplace generally as well as every other type of built internal environment including schools, public buildings and larger retail and leisure spaces.

    Accurate Acoustic Calculations

    In addition to our ability to provide accurate reverberation calculations, we can also organise on-site sound tests using independent third-party ANC and UKAS accredited acoustic consultants.

    These can be conducted both prior and post-installation to measure and validate the performance of the recommended office soundproofing solution.

    No one would expect to get maximum productivity in a working environment with poor light or temperature control. We believe the same principle applies to excessive noise and the lack of privacy.