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JCW Stonefloor

Multi-purpose thermal and acoustic underfloor insulation for concrete screed, slab and timber floating floors.

JCW Stonefloor Underfloor Insulation is a high compressive strength slab which offers a cost effective solution.
Its’ dual density structure (high and low combined) provides thermal insulation properties for ground floors and acoustic insulation properties for separating floors.

  • Part L: meets the thermal insulation requirements for Part L
  • Part E: meets the acoustic performance requirements of Part E
  • Rigid structure makes handling and fitting simple and precise
  • Reduces thermal and acoustic bridging
  • Water resistant but DPM required in high water table or to protect against rising damp
  • High compressive strength enables JCW Stonefloor to support normal floor loadings in domestic property, offices, shops and similar areas


  • Flooring grade t&g chipboard, OSB, plywood etc and supported on concrete slabs or on fully boarded timber joisted floors
  • Screeds laid in accordance with BS 8204:Part 1 and supported on levelled concrete slabs, plank, beam and block floors etc
  • Can be laid on slightly uneven subfloors to absorb surface imperfections and give excellent point load resistance
  • Can be placed over or under oversite slab

The Data Sheet shows tables giving the various insulation thicknesses required and associated U-value performance based on the perimeter to area (P/A) ratio of floor types.

General installation guidance is also outlined in the Data Sheet.

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