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Acoustic Soundboard Supreme 24

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    Acoustic Soundboard Supreme 24


    Acoustic soundboard Supreme is an enhanced performance MDF based acoustic overlay board for timber floors.

    A moisture resistant 9mm tg4 MDF board with a pre-bonded 15mm high performance resilient layer means the acoustic soundboard offers excellent performance with brilliant results in airborne and impact sound reduction.
    The acoustic shallow overlay board dramatically reduces sound transmission through timber floors.
    This is one of the quickest and most effective acoustic solutions on the market. Only 24mm thickness this acoustic soundboard minimises construction height whilst still complying with statutory regulations.

    Acoustic Soundboard Supreme 24 is:

    • Ideal acoustic overlay board for existing timber floors
    • Exceptional impact sound performance
    • Will also effectively improve airborne sound insulation
    • Complies with Part E of the Building Regulations
    • The overlay board is ready for final floor installation
    • Must be used in conjunction with JCW Perimeter Edging Strip to ensure Building Regulations compliance

    This acoustic overlay system is known as robust details FFT5 Resilient overlay shallow platform floor system. Overlaying the floor with an isolating layer and a new hard wearing surface is the most convenient way of dramatically improving the airborne and impact sound performance of an existing floor.
    We have a range of acoustic flooring and acoustic decking systems which range from 19mm to 38mm to suit all budgets and floor soundproofing scenarios.

    Acoustic Soundboard Supreme24
    Acoustic Soundboard Supreme 24

    Full acoustic test data is available on datasheet below
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