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Elliston Steady & Hawes Building Ltd.

Construction of 9 Apartments at Charles Street, Ipswich, UK.

The Challenge

Acoustic Supplies were contacted by Elliston Steady & Hawes Building Ltd who, while constructing nine new build apartments in Charles St, Ipswich, found that the party wall on the project unfotunately failed the pre-completion acoustic site test.

The Solution to Party Wall Acoustic Failure

Following on from a consultation with JCW Acoustic Supplies, a cost effective acoustic product was identified as a quick solution. The product was the JCW Silentboard
Despite high performance in reducing airborne sound transfer through walls, JCW Silentboard is of a slim composition, at only 27.5mm thickness. This meant little compromise was made on the living space in the new build.
The JCW Silentboard is an ideal solution for existing walls that have failed pre-completion testing or as a solution to noisy neighbours. Once installed any decorative finish can be applied.


On completion of the installation of the JCW Silentboard, on site test results showed the performance of the party walls achieving 50dB airborne sound insulation performance.


“JCW Silentboard was simple to install because the system was easy to work with and JCW Acoustic Supplies provided comprehensive installation guidelines. This enables our project to be completed and handed over on time.”
Mick Doyle – Construction Manager.
If you would like to enquire about our SIlent board product, or any other wall soundproofing solution we have, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly sales team on: 01204 548400 and we will help you however we can.

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