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Our acoustic consultancy team contains knowledgeable and experienced individuals
who know how to deal with any acoustic situation in schools they encounter.

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The new Approved Document E, 2003 (Part E-4) refers schools and designers to Building Bulletin 93 – The Acoustic Design of Schools for detailed guidance.

Rooms and other spaces must have acoustic conditions and adequate acoustic insulation to prevent any disturbance to effective teaching and learning caused by noise.

Classroom Soundproofing

Poor acoustics in the classroom impede pupil learning, increase the strain on teacher’s voices and impact on classroom discipline.

Reasons for poor acoustics include things like the stock of old Victorian era schools which are often unsuitable for modern teaching methods, inadequate sound insulation in modern constructions or open plan areas designed to accommodate multi-purpose use where background noise and sound intrusion cause problems. Sports halls, swimming pools, assembly areas and even offices suffer poor acoustic conditions.

JCW Acoustic Supplies’ acoustic sound absorption and soundproofing products can help schools, local authorities, designers and builders meet the sound insulation challenges set out by the government in The Acoustic Design of Schools document.

We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and the quality of our technical service. Our acoustic consultancy team contains knowledgeable and experienced individuals who know how to deal with any acoustic situation in schools they encounter.

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Popular School & Classroom Soundproofing Products

Here are a few of the products that we supply to educational facilities to help with their soundproofing problems. JCW Acoustic Supplies are the market leader for high quality manufactured acoustic products and will be happy to help you asses your site and plan your soundproofing requirments.

JCW Reflecta Sound - healthcare

JCW Reflecta Sound

A range of decorative wall panel systems featuring high absorption levels for reflected noise


JCW Silent Door Premier - schools

JCW Silent Door Premier

JCW Silent Door premier JCW Silent Door premier A high performance acoustic timber door offering 44 dB sound reduction.


Acoustic Deck 28 & 32 for Concrete Floors

Acoustic Decks 28 & 32 for Concrete Floors

Chipboard based acoustic deck for concrete separating floors. Robust Detail FFT-5 resilient overlay platform floor system


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