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What Are Sound Absorbing Panels? Sound absorbing panels are basically panels that are fixed on your wall or ceiling and absorb reflective sound! Reflective sound will bounce off hard surfaces and creates reverberation (echo), increasing the ambient noise levels of the room. With a sound absorbing panel this is prevented, or at least reduced substantially. Sound absorbing differs from soundproofing which is normally used to prevent sound from escaping a

How do you soundproof a floor? Soundproofing a floor will help to reduce noise transmission between floors and the products required are determined by your existing floor build up you have and whether you’re looking for a reduction on impact or airbourne or maybe both. Impact noise can come from loud footsteps or dropping/banging things on the floor and airbourne from talking, loud music or a television. The types of

Have issues with noisy neighbours? Need more acoustic harmony in your living space? Acoustic Supplies can help. Take a look at our helpful blog for some tips and products that can help you increase your domestic peace.

Children and young adults will find it difficult to learn in a noisy classroom. Lots of children won’t need much of an excuse to become distracted so excessive noise will be a perfect reason to hinder learning. See how Acoustic Supplies can help to improve classroom performance and concentration.

Living in a flat can be a noisy experience if you have bad neighbours! With the potential for noise to come from above, below or from the sides, good soundproofing can be essential maintenance to have any kind of peace! See how we can help you achieve this with the JCW range of soundproofing products.