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Awareness of mental health issues has never been higher than it is today. The impact of mental health problems is felt in all aspects of life, from sleeping patterns, personal relationships to work and social life. A lack of sleep is a leading factor in deteriorating mental health, with only two or three days of insufficient sleep drastically reducing concentration levels and decision making abilities, which can lead to dangerous driving and make you more likely to have accidents. Intrusive noise can play a leading part in deteriorating mental health. Sound proofing can drastically improve your mental well being.

The JCW Acoustic Supplies Discover a range of acoustic materials at your local builders’ merchant. What’s the best way of controlling noise in a workspace? What’s the best system for my project? Part E Building Regs? We’re asked questions like this all the time by contractors who know building and construction inside out, but who may not have quite the same level of expertise in acoustics. Fortunately, JCW Acoustic Supplies

JCW Acoustic Supplies are specialists in the manufacture of bespoke and tailor made sound absorption products. Our acoustic panels offer great soundproofing acoustic options to seperate the office and offer a degree of privacy for segmented areas. An example of the custom work that we can manufacture is the 2.4m tall portable acoustic panels designed to the needs of our customer who are using it within a recording studio: These

JCW Acoustic Supplies has seen a 26% growth over the past 12 months. Laura Keegan, Commercial Director of the company, explains the strategy behind the unprecedented success. When Laura Keegan became Commercial Director of JCW Acoustic Supplies in 2013, she took the helm of a business in a stagnant market. To deliver a step change in that market, she knew she needed to make a step change in the business.