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9 October 2020

Confused About Soundproofing Products?

You need soundproofing for a project your working on, should be easy right? Getting your soundproofing requirements right isn’t always easy and knowing exactly what product will give you the performance you need can be sometimes be tricky. JCW Acoustic Supplies make it our job to guide you through the process….

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DAVE & NORA At a house renovation project
17 July 2020

Renovation Project? Don’t Forget To Soundproof

If lockdown has taught us anything, apart from that we need to keep washing our hands and stop touching our face, it’s that we don’t like to hear our neighbours noise. es we can renovate our properties, as a lot of us have definitely been doing over the last few months and no doubt will be continuing to do so….

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Fencing for Hill House Homes
29 March 2020

Acoustic Fencing Installation

Product: JCW Reflective Sound Screen Project Description: The development runs adjacent to the busy A17 and due to planning requirements JCW were asked to supply & install approx. 190m of JCW Reflective Sound Screen @ 3m high with timber posts….

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JCW Acoustic Supplies - Distribution Centre
25 March 2020

COVID-19 Virus Update 2020

Corona Virus Update 2020 As you are all aware the COVID-19 virus is spreading around the world at a rapid pace. We…

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Sports hall acoustic improvement with sound absorption panels
12 February 2020

What Are Sound Absorbing Panels?

What Are Sound Absorbing Panels? Sound absorbing panels are basically panels that are fixed on your wall or ceiling and absorb reflective…

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Image of a soundproof floor
16 January 2020

How Do You Soundproof A Floor?

How do you soundproof a floor? Soundproofing a floor helps reduce noise transmission between floors.  The products required are determined by your…

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Soundproof Against Noisy Neighbours
9 December 2019

Soundproof Walls To Protect Against Noisy Neighbours

Have issues with noisy neighbours? Need more acoustic harmony in your living space? Acoustic Supplies can help. Take a look at our helpful blog for some tips and products that can help you increase your domestic peace….

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Schools and education soundproofing
12 September 2019

How To Improve Classroom Acoustics

Children and young adults will find it difficult to learn in a noisy classroom. Lots of children won’t need much of an excuse to become distracted so excessive noise will be a perfect reason to hinder learning. See how Acoustic Supplies can help to improve classroom performance and concentration….

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Floor Soundproofing
9 August 2019

Soundproofing Floors Between Flats

Living in a flat can be a noisy experience if you have bad neighbours! With the potential for noise to come from above, below or from the sides, good soundproofing can be essential maintenance to have any kind of peace! See how we can help you achieve this with the JCW range of soundproofing products….

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9 July 2019

How Can I Make My Office More Soundproof?

Do you struggle to find privacy in the office? JCW Acoustic Supplies provide a range of dedicated soundproofing products designed to segment the acoustic harmony in an enclosed environment. Take a look at how we can help you and get in touch….

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21 June 2019

Mental Health & Noise

Awareness of mental health issues has never been higher than it is today. The impact of mental health problems is felt in all aspects of life, from sleeping patterns, personal relationships to work and social life.
A lack of sleep is a leading factor in deteriorating mental health, with only two or three days of insufficient sleep drastically reducing concentration levels and decision making abilities, which can lead to dangerous driving and make you more likely to have accidents. Intrusive noise can play a leading part in deteriorating mental health. Sound proofing can drastically improve your mental well being. …

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1 May 2019

The JCW Acoustic Supplies Roadshow

The JCW Acoustic Supplies Discover a range of acoustic materials at your local builders’ merchant. What’s the best way of controlling noise…

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