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Acoustic Barriers In Milton Keynes

Acosutic Barriers Installed By JCW Acoustic Supplies

JCW Acoustic Supplies received the enquiry for this project mid-November 2016 by Avant Homes who recently acquired the development from a previous developer.

Due to planning conditions by the local council JCW were given the task of manufacturing, supplying and installing 87m of a 4.5m high JCW Absorbent Sound Screen by Christmas 2016.

After offering a quick turnaround on technical advice and quotations the order was placed and a team of two from JCW headed to site in Milton Keynes to install the fence.

JCW Absorbent Sound Screen

The JCW Absorbent Sound Screen is built to Highway BSEN1793, BSEN1794-1 and BSEN1794-2 towards Highway work clause 2504 and fitted in to steel posts and these screens are a highly effective sound screen for industrial and commercial enclosures.

The project was valued at over £30,000 and was fitted in 13 days, finishing on the 21st December 2016 on budget and on time.