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Why would I have an Acoustic fence?


Many houses are build close by to busy roads. And if they aren’t yet, there are many developments constantly ongoing making roads and more houses etc. This can create or lead to the possibility of an increase in noise coming from outside your garden or property.

Many new roads and developments have Acoustic Fencing up as part of the development, but this is often not good enough. Local residents can still complain about the interference that has creeped into their day to day lives.

Acoustic fencing can be the first most effective way to prevent unwanted noise from making its way into your outdoor space, often reducing the decibel amounts by 10-15dB. This reduction to the human ear represents a halving of sound. If you consider road traffic rates as 70dB and conversational speech at 60dB, that’s a dramatic drop in volume!

If you need to soundproof your garden with an acoustic fence, please feel free to take a look at the products we have listed on our site and get in touch with us if you have any questions. If you are looking for free tips and hints on other ways to soundproof your garden, take a look at the Soundproof Your Home post that contains a few good ideas for free.


Many commercial properties such as retail parks, hotels and leisure areas all see acoustic fencing as a necessary part of the development of their premises. The amount of traffic and footflow means that the acoustic fencing in these areas is really put to the test, but has proven itself to be worthwhile with the dB amounts taking a significant drop, meaning that complaints from nearby residents and other service users is down to lower levels than areas without acoustic fencing and other soundproofing systems in place.


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What is the difference between a ‘normal’ fence and an Acoustic fence?

An acoustic fence is designed to be different from a normal fence due to the job it has to do. An acoustic fence is generally heavier as it is made to be thicker, which can help reflect noise away, rather than allowing sound to travel through it the way a ‘normal’ fence would.

Another difference is that an acoustic fence is designed to have no gaps between the slats. This impervious design means that sound cannot travel through the gaps. This again is something that a normal fence isn’t designed for as it is basically just a screen.

If you have more questions about Acoustic Fencing, or want aquote to have some fencing delivered or installed, please give us a call on 01204 548400 or fill out our contact form.