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Acoustic Supplies Goes Ape

For their latest team building event, the team went in search of adventure.

You don’t enjoy the sort of success JCW Acoustic Supplies has had over the past year without the efforts of a great team. Yet Laura Keegan, our Commercial Director, knows that every team works better when its members have the regular opportunity to get outside the work environment and have some fun.

So it was that Acoustic Supplies found itself in (and up) the trees on the shores of the Rivington Reservoir, where they spent the day climbing, zipping and swinging around our local Go Ape course.

Ironically, for a team that spends its days controlling the acoustics, you could hear the screams for miles. Fortunately though, everyone completed the course successfully with all body parts (if not their dignity) intact.

“I think the day will go down in history,” says Laura. “Our sides hurt more from laughing than the activities, but it was a brilliant day and there’ll be more in the pipeline.”

Fun as the day was, Laura is keen to emphasise the true value of the day. “Over the past 12 months we’ve grown the business by 26% and that sort of success only happens when you have people who are willing to go the extra mile for each other, and who have each other’s backs. Days like this remind us how important it is for every team member to play their part.”

Now that they’ve got their feet back on the ground, talk to the team about your acoustic challenges on 01204 548400 or email